Thursday, December 24, 2009

21 Jours de prieres/ 21 days of prayers

Starting on December 11th, Bethel French SDA Church's members and the nearby community have experienced the Word of God on a different level. Every night we have dynamic preachers that preach the Living Word powerfully. In the first week we had a young and vibrant pastor by the name of Gerly Germain From Tampa, Florida. He did a phenomenal job. Friday and Saturday Pastor Jean Renaud Joseph wowed the church. And this week we have Dr. Jean Marie Bonard. This is amazing. Every night one can expect a life changing message. If ever you miss a message, we have an excellent technology crew that can make you a copy here at Bethel French SDA Church; you simply have to pay a small fee. You can also visit our website and click on listen live to tune in to our radio. Every night starting at 7:00 PM, we are live from Bethel French SDA Church.